Valentine’s Day Gifts - What Could Be the Best One?

Published: 11th July 2009
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Valentine's Day warms the heart in the cold days of winter. It is celebrated on the 14th of February to express love through cards, gifts and flowers. Modern Valentine symbols consist of the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of Cupid. From the 19th century, handwritten notes have largely given way to designer greeting cards. When one is giving valentine' day gifts to the most loved person in the world, they should dedicate some time to the process. It is important to think about it from the other person point of view. What would he/she really appreciate? Is there something that he/she has been wanted for a long time? Money should not form a barrier between the happiness of you and the one person you love the most. Forget all your problems and concentrate on how to make your love happy. Here are some tips on how you could give your love the best ever Valentine's Day gifts.

* There are plenty of contests on the radio and TV that could win you some amazing gifts. The key is to enter as many as contests that you can and maybe you could get lucky in one of them.
* For the girls: Make his entire day splendid, give them the breakfast he loves the most, the lunch and dinner of his dream. Play his favorite music. Put all the songs he loves on a play list and play that throughout the day. Moreover don't say anything in advance. Plan this as a surprise.
* If you are a couple with kids, no problem. Make it a fun valentine's day with kids. Make the mum and the kids prepare dessert and have the dad make them go to sleep. Light as many candles you can and try not using electricity.
* Take the person you are crazy about to an excellent sunset and dinner in a quiet place and make her eat with your own hands. It could be more fun if you get them blindfolded and then feed them anything you want.
* Create a photo collection of your picture together from the time you first met till then. You can put them in chronological order and have notes written under them for the feelings you experienced at each event. This will be far best amongst the all Valentine's Day gifts you have ever given to someone.
* Make an at-home type spa. Read up on how to give a relaxing seductive massage. Play some nice music and buy oils and candle and make him have the time of his life.
* Send him messages that are really seductive a few days before valentines and send him pictures of you are would blow him over. Then on the day, give him the most seductive belly dance, which can be learnt on you tube, and make it a day he would never forget.
* The simplest of them all is to watch a movie, any romantic movie with popcorn and home entertainment. Watching a scary movie would get you closer to your mate and give you a chance to cuddle, hug and assure her that nothing bad would happen with you around.

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